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   June. 12, 2008

Solution Pal Inc. announced the release of PictureResizer that resize all jpg files under a directory with one mouse-click.

   May. 23, 2008

Solution Pal Inc. announced the release of ColorChanger that modifies pixels of bitmap image.

   Oct. 29, 2005

Solution Pal Inc. announced the release of its online marketplace for businesses and individuals.

Solution Pal has created an online marketplace for everyone to stop by and do whatever they want to do through the Internet.
With the enhanced region-setting feature, users can post messages to specific regions of their choice.
Users can also search and view messages posted at specified regions.

   Feb. 13, 2005

Solution Pal Inc. Launches Web Hosting Service.

Solution Pal's Web hosting service delivers a feature-rich Website solution for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses.

   Nov. 5, 2004

InterviewPro Launches Examination Service.

With InterviewPro’s examination service, recruiters or employers can generate examinations in many career fields for different skill levels.

   July 22, 2004

InterviewPro Enhances Advertisement Service.

With InterviewPro's advertisement service, employers can describe their products or services to prospective employees.

   June 18, 2004

Solution Pal Inc. released FileCam 1.00.

FileCam is software that can monitor file changes on Windows and back up your files.

   April 22, 2004

Solution Pal Inc. launched InterviewPro premium service.

As an InterviewPro premium member, you may access all questions and answers at InterviewPro.

   April 22, 2004

Solution Pal Inc. launched InterviewPro recruiter service.

Thousands of people have become registered users of InterviewPro.

Hundreds of unregistered visitors visit InterviewPro every day.

Companies can attract thousands of job seekers by posting ads at InterviewPro.

   June 23, 2003 won the Quintessential Careers Site Award.

The Quintessential Careers Site Award recognizes the best, most useful, most easy-to-use college, career, and job sites. Congratulations, InterviewPro team !!

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